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How to maximise the sales and marketing impact of LinkedIn - Lessons from IBM.

  LinkedIn offers a powerful platform for communicating your value proposition and having meaningful one-to-one conversations with a focused pool of prospects. And the good news it’s at a fraction of the cost and particularly effective. One of the companies who have done this the best is IBM – apply these lessons and watch your sales grow. 2020 has made a total mess of traditional marketing and sales. It has become almost impossible to do any kind of meaningful lead generation. Traditional marketing is expensive and often ineffective, and e-mails and cold calls are going unanswered. Tough times create opportunities for the brave. What it takes is an entrepreneurial spirit that allows you to be in touch with current trends and dramatically changing direction if required. Spencer Johnson's classic "Who Moved My Cheese", describes four mice whose cheese one day suddenly disappears. Sniff and Scurry take off immediately and after a while find new cheese. Hem and Haw ref

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